vinyl house coating system

Never Paint Again!

For Lasting Beauty & Maximum Performance,
AM-VI-CO® Liquid Vinyl is one of the longest lasting house coatings you will find.

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Proven Performance since 1985

It's not paint, it's Liquid Vinyl Siding! A two-part coating system composed of a proprietary formula of high quality vinyl resins and polymer, our unique vinyl coating is 10 to 15 times thicker than regular paint. It's engineered to last 30 years and outperform paint & other coatings. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is the 'ULTIMATE' EXTERIOR COATING.

Liquid Vinyl for  Your Home

For nearly three decades homeowners have trusted Liquid Vinyl Siding™ to beautify and protect their homes. Our vinyl coating has a natural appearamce and is weather resistant. After coating with Liquid Vinyl you may never need to paint again!

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Attn:  Contractors

Give your company a Competitive Edge.
Adding our coating system to your product line sets you apart from your competition, boosts company margins and can re-energize sales.

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Unlimited Color Selection

Available in 1,800 standard colors, Liquid Vinyl Siding™ can be custom matched to any color sample as well. Choose one color or any combination of colors to make your home the showpiece of the neighborhood.     Color Selection

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Stop wasting money painting - Never Paint Again!